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How You can Enjoy Fire Pits all Year Round

Everyone at WNY fire pits knows the magic that a great fire pit can create in your backyard all year round, but some clients need a few ideas on how they can enjoy their fire pits no matter the season. The truth is whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or summer, fire pits can be the perfect place to spend time or stay cozy by the flames.

Here’s our expert opinion on how you can enjoy fire pits all year round.

Enjoying Your Fire Pit in the Spring

One of the most beloved seasons, spring is the breath of fresh air most of us need when coming out of long and dreary winters. For those in southern states, spring is the perfect time to enjoy the blend of warmer and cooler temperatures before summer sets in. So how do fire pits fill into this picture?

Spring provides fire pit owners a great time period to enjoy their current setup or incorporate additional accessories, like a pergola that provides excellent yet aerated shelter from the summer heat and winter snow.

We recommend that fire pit owners use spring as a time for friends and family to enjoy the perfectly balanced weather. Toast marshmallows and wash them down with refreshing drinks

Summer with Your Fire Pit

In many people’s minds, fire pits are perfect for any season EXCEPT summer. We’re going to tell you the truth: fire pits work wonderfully during summer as well.

The season of cookouts and barbecues, a summertime fire pit is the perfect gathering spot to enjoy your weekend and weeknight meals and a cold beverages! You can even add a grill top to your outdoor fire pit for open-flame grilling.

During the summer months, we can’t say there’s really too much to do than simply enjoy your fire pit – whether for cooking or relaxing!

Fall is Fire Pit Season

Two words: fire season.

Fall is the universal fire pit season, known for bringing loved ones together late into the night with the perfect setting for storytelling and backyard camp outs.

In the fall, you can amp up the cozy factor with adding comfortable seating like poufs, pillows, and accessorizing your wood burning fire pits with candles (though we don’t recommend this for gas fire pits due to safety concerns).

Kick back with some cider and enjoy the perfect scenery for family time that forgoes the phone, tablet, and computer screens we’re so used to using.

Get Cozy with your Fire Pit this Winter

Perhaps one of the biggest catch 22s that we hear in relation to just how usable fire pits can be year round is whether or not they’re actually something people can use during winter.

Unlike fall, when people are often able to gather in the cool weather without figuring out how the snow will impact them, using your fire pit during the winter  does require some thought.

If you live in warmer states, winter may not impact your area enough to require planning or additional accessories. For those who experience snow, fire pit owners may need to purchase a fire pit cover to protect their pit from being inundated with snow.

Keeping the area your fire pit is in clear of snow is the most major hurdle to overcome.

We recommend regularly clearing a path to your fireplace as well as keeping your fireplace pad clear to give everyone ample space to kick back and relax in. Much like hot tubs are a fun outdoor reprieve, fire pits provide a warm haven during those snowy months.

If you’re looking to expand the overall Use of your fire pit and back yard, installing a covering with good airflow is a solution most people enjoy year round.

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