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Fire Pit Accessories We Know You’ll Love

Many homeowners in Western New York enjoy amping up the appearance of their outdoor fire pit so that it can become an even more functional space for their family. A lot of functionality can be added through the use of additional fire pit accessories.

Our team at WNY Fire Pits has worked with our clients to design a fire pit that they’ll love as well as helping to pick out accessories that’ll let them get a little bit of extra bang for their buck.

We’ve put together the top three fire pit accessories that our clients have most frequently opted for when they want to add more versatility or style to their fire pit.

3 Fire Pit Accessories You’ll Love

1. Fire Pit Grill Grates

Here in Western New York, we love our buffalo wings and we love grilling no matter the time of year. That’s why so many of our customers opt to incorporate a removable grill grate into their fire pit design.

These grates are effortless to install and remove, allowing you to clean them while the fire is still burning or to put together a last minute snack while friends and family are already out by the fire.

Perfect for grilling hot dogs, chicken wings, vegetables, and your famed steak, fire pit grills are a great way to create a dual-use for your fire pit and cut down on the cost of buying a secondary grill.

2. Fire Pit Wood Log Racks

If you own a wood burning fire pit, one accessory that may be of special interest to you is a log rack.

We always recommend that homeowners have a good place to store their wood logs that is in a dry area, away from other wooden structures.

If you are a more casual fire pit user, or one that has an easily available supply of firewood, you may be interested in storing smaller amounts of wood logs at a time. For many, this is why log racks are a great fire pit accessory that can help solve a storage problem while looking great.

These racks come in varying sizes, such as the small one seen in the image below, and can be built large enough to store a season’s worth of wood.

3. Fire Pit Screens and Covers

Fire pit screens and covers are two different accessories, but we have included both in this list because they provide added levels of safety to your fire pit.

Fire pit screens are used while your fire is still burning and, if you are burning wood on your fire pit, these can ensure that stray sparks aren’t able to spread outside of your fire pad.

In the city of Buffalo and other surrounding areas, “open flames” are against Buffalo Fire Code Regulations [code 66-19]  because of the embers and sparks that can easily spread a fire through yards, bushes, and trees. These fire pit screens help contain a fire and prevent embers from escaping and causing a potentially dangerous fire.

Similarly, these screens could prevent a young child from harm by blocking them from being able to directly touch a flame. Though these screens still have the capacity of becoming hot enough to burn, they are able to minimize the burns that contact with a direct flame can inflict.

Fire pit covers are meant to snuff out a flame and help homeowners effectively contain their fire and ensure that it goes out when it is meant to. In some rare cases, fires are able to “restart” even after home owners have thought that it was put out.

These covers are typically a heavier metal that covers the entirety of the fire pit, ensuring that the flame becomes starved of oxygen and doesn’t have a chance to rekindle or spread embers outside of the fire pad.

If you’re interested in finding out if a fire pit is right for you, and what accessories could improve the usage and safety of your fire pit, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consult by calling 716-322-3000! The qualified team at WNY Fire Pits looks forward to working with you to find the perfect solution.

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