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The Fire Pit Gift Guide

Love is in the air, and Western New Yorkers are starting to look for gifts for their loved ones as we get closer and closer to Valentine’s Day. Though an outdoor fire pit may not be the first thing on mind when you think about gifts, you’d be surprised at how many of our customers come forward around holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays asking for a timely fire pit installation that their loved one can enjoy. That’s why we’ve put together this definite fire pit gift guide to help you know what to consider when purchasing a fire pit as a gift.

How Long does it Take to Install a Fire Pit?

Here’s the deal:

If you are looking to get a fire pit installed as a gift for someone, you will want to consider the timeline that you are working with. Though our team is often able to get installations done in time for your big day, the holiday season often requires pre-booking a few weeks in advance to ensure that our team and the appropriate supplies will be available for your installation.

A typical fire pit installation, that doesn’t require a gas line to be connected from the home to the fire pit, can be finished between one to two days depending on the size of the pad you’ve selected to install.

Permission to Install your Fire Pit

There’s a small catch.

If you are buying an outdoor fire pit for a family member or friend that you don’t live with,  our team needs access to their backyard and permission from the homeowner to install a fire pit. This means, you’ll need to break the news of your surprise fire pit gift a bit early in order to have everything go according to plan. Don’t worry, though – we haven’t seen anyone get disappointed that they were told about their gift beforehand.

Picking the Right Sized Outdoor Fire Pit

When you are buying an outdoor fire pit as a gift, you’ll want to consider the lifestyle of your loved one when deciding on the pad size you’re going for. If your wife enjoys hosting parties with friends, or if your children like having friends over, you may want to opt for a larger pad size to comfortably seat everyone.

For those who are installing a fire pit as a gift for their spouse and themselves, it’s possible to install a smaller pad that would create a cozy spot for two people to cuddle up and enjoy the beautiful seasons of Western New York.

Styling Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Depending on the size of the backyard you’re working with, and the style of the homeowner, you’ll be able to have some fun with the design of the fire pit. We offer numerous types of stone and fills that suit every style! To learn more about the overall design options that you have, make sure you check out our blog!

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