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Five Reasons You Need a Firepit in Western New York

Here in Western New York, we love spending time outdoors year round. Of course, the weather that we have summer, spring, and fall are often more preferable to being outside than in the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean we pack up and stay inside for the season. Instead, homeowners throughout this region love to gather together, stay active, and relax whenever possible. Luckily enough, fire pits help with all of these things, and they can be used year-round, which is why many homeowners have chosen to invest in one.

We’ve broken down the top five reasons that Western New York homeowners should own a fire pit. Though we’re just showcasing five in this piece, our WNY Fire Pits team can talk to you about your specific lifestyle and how spending time around a fire pit can fit into your routine.

Five Reasons You Should Own a Firepit in Western New York

1. Fire Pits Add Value to your Property

There’s an outdoor fire pit for every budget, but many homeowners like to know that there will be a return on their investment any time they add a new and permanent feature to their home.

Getting a fire pit is a home investment that actually adds value to your property that maintains itself throughout the years. Though all landscaping is valuable, fire pits are a feature that don’t require costly maintenance, such as trees or shrubs that require regular trimming and pruning services.

When looking to purchase a new home, many buyers will weigh the “curb appeal” of the home greatly. The same standards apply for a backyard, which is where many buyers intend to spend time relaxing and entertaining friends and family.

So, a fire pit in your backyard is able to play directly into these desires and help buyers see the value in purchasing your home.

2. Fire Pits Create a Family Gathering Space Away from Technology

As the years go by, our dependency on technology isn’t getting any less smaller. So finding a reason to leave the TV, computer, gaming systems, and phones indoors in order to spend dedicated time with friends and family is key.

Fire pits, and spending time outdoors in general, is a great way to disconnect from our technology and simply spend time catching up with each other. Simply grab some snacks, a blanket or refreshing drink, and enjoy each other’s company around the fire pit.

3. Fire Pits Keep You Cozy in the Fall and Winter

During the cool days of fall, and the cold days of winter the WNY Fire Pits team starts preparing for “fire pit season.” This unofficial season starts when people begin scheduling weekend parties with friends and family that are centered around a bonfire, snacks, drinks, and a good time.

Though bonfires are not allowed within Buffalo city limits, as they are considered an uncontained flame, the fires from fire pits are allowed and this is why so many homeowners decide to have one installed.

Whether you’re entertaining a group of friends and family, or just spending some quality time with you and a significant other, fire pits are a great feature to warm up and get cozy around.

4. You Can Cook Outdoors With Your Fire Pit (S’mores and More!)

Fire pits are almost universally associated with s’mores and having fun campouts with kids and adults alike. After all, who doesn’t like sitting back with a hot chocolate and crispy, sweet, and gooey s’more to nibble on?

Many of our clients elect to use their fire pits to cook on throughout the year – and that means both s’mores and more traditional BBQ meals can be cooked with your fire pits. For those who love spending an afternoon grilling, fire pits are an excellent feature that can be both entertaining and functional.

5. Fire Pits are Relaxing – Cut Down on Your Stress

There’s nothing quite like coming home from a stressful day at work and disconnecting from it all. Every once in a while, people need to take that relaxation a step further and spend time away from technology to totally decompress.

According to the American Institute of Stress, a shocking 80% of American workers studied reporting that they experienced stress at their jobs. Even more worrying is that 40% said that their job was “extremely stressful.” These types of stats all play into the fact that more and more Americans are struggling with finding the right work/life balance without succumbing to a life of stress – and the negative health consequences that can stem from that.

Spending time around their fire pits are one way that many homeowners in Western New York are able to cut down on their overall stress and learn how to manage their stress in a healthy way.

If you want to find out exactly why you should own a fire pit, please contact our highly qualified team to schedule a consult at 716-322-3000.

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