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How Long Do Fire Pits Last?

It’s understandable that any homeowner looking to invest in their property, or spend any sum of money, will be interested in finding out all the details possible about their future purchase. In the case of a homeowner purchasing a fire pit for their yard, our team at WNY Fire Pits absolutely understands the curiosity and concern about adding such a big feature to your yard.

One of the questions we frequently receive is: “How long do fire pits last?”

This may seem like a simple question, but the longevity of a fire pit can be affected by different factors… the sum of which contribute to your fire pit lasting “forever” or needing some upkeep over the years.

How Long Do Fire Pits Last? Forever – Most of the Time

Let’s start with the most simple, and common, answer: the typical longevity of a fire pit is essentially forever.

Because fire pits are built with stone and other hardy natural materials, they go unaffected by rain, snow, or sunshine and are designed to last.

Just as natural stones on mountains and other environments in the wild don’t disintegrate without significant wind, sand, or water flowing over them, the stones used to build your fire pit will too withstand the test of time.

In all seriousness, the materials used in when you purchase your fire pit from WNY Fire Pits are high-quality and purpose built for minimum upkeep. We recognize in order to make this investment a worthwhile addition to your home and property, it needs to be made from impervious material.

When a Fire Pit Needs Maintenance

If your fire pit is installed by a professional team, it’s unlikely to need much maintenance, if any at all, over the years. However, there are a few instances that may require you to do some upkeep on your fire pit in order to make sure it continues to last you for years to come.

The Stones of Your Fire Pit are Moved

When a fire pit is assembled, our team carefully lays each piece to create the shape you have selected. Each of these stones weighs a considerable amount to ensure that the fire pit is sturdy and does not create a hazard for you, small children, pets, or wildlife.

However, there are some cases where a stone is moved and must be replaced in order for your fire pit to remain in tip-top share.

Some causes are natural: such as an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado. In northern states, such as where WNY Fire Pits is located, these are non-issues.

Other situations that can cause a stone to be moved are human-related, such as a person dislocating a stone for one reason or another. Simply, and carefully place the stone back into its place and your fire pit will continue to last through the years.

It’s important to also keep in mind that, if a stone is moved from your fire pit, it is likely being moved from the top of your pit. This is not likely to cause your fire pit to disassemble or become unstable, but it may affect the safety and containment of your fires, so we always recommend to avoid moving any part of your fire pit.

The Piping of Your Gas Fire Pit Needs Replacing

For homeowners who have gas fire pits, special attention should be taken to make sure all of the mechanical parts of the fire pit are kept in good condition.

This means ensuring that any spouts, handles, pipes, or switches are not bent or regularly tampered with to ensure that your gas fire pit will last.

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