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Will a Fire Pit Fit in Your Yard? Yes!

“Will a fire pit even fit in my yard?”

It’s one of the most common concerns that homeowners voice to our WNY Fire Pits team, especially if their home doesn’t come with a spacious yard.

The good news is that fire pits can be very diverse in design, allowing our team to create an outdoor fire pit that’s unique to different backyard sizes. This gives you a number of options, when considering how to  add a fire pit to your yard.

Fire Pit Sizing Options Available for Western New York Homeowners

Our goal is to always make things easier for you, the homeowner. That’s why we offer 3 fire pit packages. These have proven to fit the most common needs of our customers.

Of course, everything can be customized to fit your design tastes as well as space restrictions! Finding the right fire pit for your yard is important to give you the most bang for your buck with this addition to your home.

Here’s a breakdown of the packages we offer that can accomodate any yard size:

Fire Pits for Small Yards (Starter Package)

The starter package with WNY Fire Pits is meant to allow homeowners who are on a budget, or looking for something simple, get a fire pit into their yard.

This package allows you to pick between a round or square fire pit, as well as the option to add gas or propane inserts. We also offer a multitude of fire pit stone colors for you to choose from, which can form the base of your fire pit as well as the glass stones present in gas fire pits.

If you have a small yard, this option would work best for you because it still allows you to incorporate a base into the design.

In this package, you will receive a 6ft fire pit in the shape you’ve selected and a stone base that is 8 feet in diameter. This base is different than the stone pads that come with out other packages, and this is exactly why it works so well in small yards.

WNY Fire Pits recommends that homeowners with small yards use their open spaces, like a concrete patio or an area covered in small rocks, to place their fire pits on. From there, you can place as many chairs around the fire pit as needed, and store them away if you’d like to use more of your yard space when the fire pit isn’t in use.

Fire Pits for Medium Yards (Standard Package)

Our standard package offers Western New York homeowners with similar design options, with square or round fire pits coming with multiple stone colors to choose from as well as the option to add in a gas or propane insert.

If you have a medium sized backyard on your property, you’ll enjoy a stone pad to place chairs and entertain guests on. This pad is 8.5 feet in diameter and expands beyond the stone base that comes with the starter package.

Many homeowners opt for the standard package because it gives them the best of both worlds: a sizable fire pit pad that allows them to seat friends and family without taking up too much of their yard.

Fire Pits for Large Yards (Deluxe Package)

The WNY Fire Pits Deluxe package is meant for homeowners with large yards, or who want to use a good portion of their yard for their fire pit.

This package comes with a round or square fire pit and a selection of stone colors, as well as the option to add in a gas or propane insert. The beautiful coup de gras? The 10.5 foot diameter stone pad that gives you the ultimate entertainment space.

For those who have a good sized yard, this size option allows you to invest in your home’s value while increasing your backyard’s usability.

No matter the size of your yard, there’s a fire pit for you! Make sure you reach out to our WNY Fire Pits team to get started your free consult and estimate by calling 716-322-3000.

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