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How Long Does it Take to Install a Fire Pit?

Warm weather has officially hit Western New York! Now, more and more homeowners are starting to look into getting a fire pit installed in their backyard.

Our skilled team at WNY Fire Pits makes sure that each project is completed as quickly as possible, but we wanted to give you more information about exactly how long it takes to install a fire pit.

First Things First: We Work With Your Schedule to Install a Fire Pit

One of the most important things to us is being able to fit your schedule. Whether you need to meet for your estimate and assessment after work or if you need us to install your fire pit a few months in the future, we’ll be there.

These days, everyone is busy. And that’s exactly why we make sure that we’re flexible and understanding of everyone’s schedule.

To schedule your free estimate and assessment, please contact us at 716-322-3000.

The Timeline of a Fire Pit Installation

When someone calls us to schedule their assessment, we are usually able to accomodate that appointment within 7 days.

From there, things can move quickly. Between finding the perfect spot in your yard, deciding on the type of fire pit you want, picking your materials, and installation, our team is well-versed in getting things done efficiently.

With WNY Fire Pits, homeowners can enjoy a 1-2 week turnaround for their installation. Of course, this is also dependent on the weather and safety of our team.

Getting the Right Materials for Your Fire Pit

Sometimes, homeowners find themselves stick in limbo between selecting their materials and waiting for them to arrive so the installation can happen.

To avoid making people wait unnecessarily, we make sure that all of our materials and stone are readily available.

How Long Does the Actual Installation Take?

The installation of your fire pit will take place over two days. This time frame allows our team to prep your property and allow the foundation to set before building the actual fire pit.

So, let’s break down what happens on each day of the installation process.

What Happens on Day 1 of a Fire Pit Installation

On the first day of installation, our team will arrive and begin the landscaping aspect of installation.

As we covered in a previous blog, having a fire pit doesn’t mean your beautiful landscaping will be altered or damage. Instead, our team works to make sure your fire pit is an accent to your home and yard.

Throughout the entire process, we work carefully to avoid damage to shrubs, flower beds, and other landscaping features in your yard.

The first step that we take it to dig out the area where your fire pit and entertainment pad will lay on. This is followed by tamping the area, which means that we use machinery to press the ground together to create a stable and solid foundation for your fire pit.

We also level the ground that your fire pit is on, giving you a great area to set up tables and chairs without needing to worry about items falling over in yards with a slight incline.

Our final installation step on Day 1 is to lay down the stone base. This is done with precision to create the perfect circle pad surrounding your fire pit as well as the base itself. Though the area is level and tamped, your base will also be adhered together to ensure that it retains its shape throughout the years.

Once that’s complete, our team will clean up some of the materials and allow your base to set for the night before returning on Day 2.

Finishing the Installation on Day 2

Much of the time-consuming and hard work is completed on Day 1. However, Day 2 is when you will see the most change in your yard and see the final product! 

Our team will arrive and begin to assemble the fire pit. We always build to your specifications, including the stone colors and shape that you’ve pre-selected.

At this point, we will also be installing the gas lines and other necessities for a gas-burning fire pit if that is what the homeowner has selected.

Within about 4 hours, you’ll have a brand new fire pit installed in your yard!

From there, maintenance of your fire pit is minimal and all the stone materials we use have a 10-year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. You’ll be able to enjoy a professionally-installed fire pit for years and years to come.

To find out how a fire pit would work in your yard, how your landscaping may be affected, or to schedule a free consult, please contact us at 716-322-3000.

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