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How Much Do Fire Pits Usually Cost?

These days, it pays off to be budget-conscious.

So, many of the homeowners that we work with tend to worry about three things: space, safety, and spend.

When we were putting together our selection of fire pits, our major goal was to make sure that western New York homeowners were getting the best deal they could without needing to go through any complicated processes.

To keep things straight-forward, WNY Fire Pits put together three main packages for our clients. In this blog, we’ll cover what each package costs and what you’ll be getting for the price.

Without further ado, let’s get into the dollars and sense behind fire pit costs.

WNY Fire Pits Packages and Custom Options

There are almost endless options to how you could set up your fire pit and what size it could be. For information about the custom options that we offer, please contact us by calling 716-322-3000 and check out our other blogs on what design details you’ll be able to directly control about your fire pit’s look.

Our fire pit package can range in price anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the type, size, and details you select for your fire pit. Custom fire pit jobs can range from $5,000, to over $10,000, depending on what you want to do.

If you want to watch your budget and still enjoy the benefits of a fire pit, your best choice to with the WNY Fire Pits team to find an option that works best for you.

The “Fire Pit Only” Option for $2,500

Our most basic package gives Western New York homeowners the opportunity to get a fire pit without the additional cost of a fire pit pad.

Many homeowners elect to have a pad installed with the fire pit so that they could have more entertainment space around the fire pit. Great for placing chairs on, the fire pit pad creates a solid surface to decorate. However, there’s no doubt that homeowners can – and do –  entertain around a basic fire pit.

In this package, you’ll get a 6ft diameter fire pit with an 8ft diameter decorative stone base. Our team will work with you to select your choice of stone colors before delivering and installing the fire pit.

Get a Fire Pit and Small Pad for $5,000

The next option that homeowners can enjoy will give them a fire pit and small pad for entertainment for the cost of $5,000.

People who select this package will have the WNY Fire Pits team come to their home to deliver their choice of stone and then fully install the fire pit. With an 6ft diameter fire pit and an 8.5 diameter foot pad for entertaining, many homeowners with moderate sized years tend to pick this option as it allows them to enjoy hanging out around a fire pit without taking up too much of their open yard.

Of course, this package will also come with an assessment where a member of our skilled team will check out your backyard to find the perfect placement for your fire pit.

Have A Lot of Entertaining To Do? Get a Large Fire Pit and Pad for $10,000

If you’re someone who loves entertaining, the best bang for your buck will come from the large fire pit and pad package that we offer.

This package comes with a 6ft diameter fire pit and a 10.5ft diameter pad, giving you ample room to seat friends and family. Our team will meet with you to assess your yard, pick the stone colors you prefer, deliver and install the fire pit into your yard.

The best part of having such a spacious pad for your fire pit is its ability to create a separate entertainment space in your yard. Contrasting with the open space and landscaping of so many beautiful western New York backyards, your fire pit will stand out as the gathering spot. Additionally, it serves as a great cook-off and sunbathing spot during the summer months.

For more information on what WNY Fire Pits can do for your yard, please contact us by calling 716-322-3000 to schedule your free estimate. If you want to keep learning about fire pits, please take a look at the rest of our blogs.

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