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Safety Always Comes First: Are Fire Pits Safe if I Have Children or Pets?

They say that having kids shows you strength you didn’t know you had…and fears the you didn’t know you had as well.

At WNY Fire Pits, safety is our top priority and we know that you feel the same way when you have kids or pets that you care about.

Understandably, the idea of a fire pit can be scary if you’re thinking about the safety of children or pets who may not automatically understand that fire is dangerous and shouldn’t be touched. Similarly, homeowners looking into gas fire pits often wonder just how safe the switch mechanism is to prevent children from turning on the fire pit on their own.

In today’s blog, we’re covering all you need to know about the safety of fire pits and how you can help keep your children and pets protected while the adults and older children enjoy some R&R by the fire.

Just How Safe is a Fire Pit?

Let’s answer the most important question first: are fire pits safe?

Our answer is yes, but only if the adult operating the fire pit is responsible in their usage. Letting a fire pit burn unattended, letting children play close to gas fire pits without the switch being secure, or letting too many embers fly into the air are all ways that your fire pit could become a hazard.

However, if you monitor your fire pit and don’t let it burn unattended, secure flammable components, and make sure your flame doesn’t burn to high, you can safely enjoy a fire pit with your children and pets.

Childproofing Your Gas Fire Pit

If you are within Buffalo city limits, or are otherwise looking for a gas fire pit, you will want to consider whether or not your child may turn on the fire pit using its switch.

We always recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to the safety of children and pets, so purchasing a lock for your gas fire pit could be a good solution. By covering the switch itself, you can prevent your child (or someone else) from turning on your fire pit without permission.

Similar to the safety boxes you can find around fire alarms, you can simply unlock and lift the shield from your gas fire pit switch to turn it on and off when you’re ready. And, just like that, you’ve child-proofed your gas fire pit.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit Safety

For homeowners looking into a wood-burning fire pit, childproofing is a bit more straightforward than with gas fire pits. Simply make sure that the wood and lighting agents you use are stored separately.

This type of prep falls within our general guidelines for owning a wood-burning fire pit to prevent a fire hazard.

Teaching Your Children About Safety Around Fire

One of the most important lessons you can teach children is fire safety. This is useful in households that have gas stoves just as much as the households with a fire pit. Make sure you sit down with your children and let them know how they should behave around fire or hot surfaces to stay safe.

The American Red Cross has information regarding teaching fire safety to children if you want to learn more about the basics of fire safety.

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