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Firepit upkeep tips from the pros

We like to keep things simple at WNY Fire Pits. Our fire pits come with a 10 year warranty on the materials used to build your fire pit and entertainment pad.

On top of that, these fire pits are built to last through all sorts of western New York weather and to stand the test of time.

All in all, there isn’t a “lifetime” for a fire pit because they’re built to last as long as your home does. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your fire pit for decades to come.

In today’s blog, we’re going to go over the upkeep your fire pit will need over the years. Thankfully, each step is simple and doesn’t require too much of your time.

Fire Pit Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pit Looking Great Through the Years

Over all, there isn’t too much to do specifically for your fire pit. Every fire pit is built from durable stone and held together by weather-proof cement. This means your fire pit won’t need much structural upkeep through the years.

If you currently have a fire pit and have questions about a change in your pit, please contact us at 716-322-3000. However, if you’re looking for more information about what regular maintenance on a fire pit looks like, keep reading!

Keep the area clear from debris

One of the main points of upkeep that your fire pit will need is to keep the area clear. Having material such as leaves, toys, and debris around your fire pit won’t damage your fire pit. It will, however, increase the likelihood of an unconfined fire or an accident.

At WNY Fire Pits, your safety is our top concern. For more information about fire pit safety, please click here.

For homeowners with gas fire pit, it’s important to keep the area around your on/off switch clear as well. Gas fire pits do not carry the same risk of spreading embers, but there’s still safety upkeep that’s needed. You’ll want to make sure that your switch cannot accidentally get turned on while you’re away from your pit.

This is why keeping the area around your fire pit and entertainment pad clear is a great idea. Like keeping a deck or patio clean, you’ll need to sweep, blow, or move items away from your fire pit. Once that’s done, you can check this maintenance item off of your list.

If you notice that your fire pit (grout) has become clogged with dirt or debris, you can use your yard hose to rinse away the dirt.

Use a fire pit cover

Some homeowners have found that using a fire pit cover is an easy way to prevent dirt from accumulating around your fire pit.

These covers can come in a variety of styles. Some designs are like the covers people can put on their cars. This style of fire pit cover will cover the entire top and sides of your fire pit with a cloth-like material. Having a barrier like this will prevent dirt buildup or water accumulating inside of the pit.

Using a metal or wire fire pit cover will keep larger debris outside of the fire pit. This accessory can also prevent children, visitors, and pets from getting too close to the fire.

Fire pit covers can also prevent gas fire pits from getting their ducts clogged by dirt or debris that may fall into the fire pit.

For more information about whether a fire pit cover is right for you, please contact us. The fire pit accessories that you may need can vary and our professional team would be happy to help you find what’s right for you.

Store wood and other materials properly

The final point of upkeep that your fire pit would need is to maintain proper storage of your materials.

Always make sure that you keep wood away from a running fire and an appropriate distance away from all structures. Wood should also stay dry. This can be accomplished by storing the wood under a roof or underneath a secured tarp.

For those looking into owning a gas fire pit, you’ll need to store your gas canisters away from flames. Make sure they are stored in a safe location away from your fire pit.

As you can see, fire pits are one addition to your home that won’t break the budget and won’t take up too much of your time. In fact, even installing a fire pit in your yard is a quick and easy experience!

If you’re curious to find out how a fire pit can fit into your lifestyle, or what maintenance you may have to perform on your fire pit, please contact us.

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