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How to Decide if a Fire Pit is Right for You

When it comes to finding the right ambiance for your backyard, a fire pit is one of the easiest ways to add that special something to your home. Millions of homeowners across the country are enjoying their own fire pits throughout the entire year, and we want to help you make an informed decision about whether or not a fire pit is right for you and your lifestyle.

Fire pits come in a multitude of varieties, including gas and wood-burning pits as well as portable and permanent fixture fire pits. This means that even if one type isn’t exactly right for you, there are additional options that could be the perfect fit. In Western New York, homeowners are able to enjoy ample outdoor space and beautiful changing seasons with temperate summers that truly allow fire pits to be a year-round fixture to any home.

Deciding if a fire pit is right for you? Consider these points:


One of the main questions that homeowners have for us is whether or not they really have enough space in their backyard. In general, we can construct beautiful firepits that can fit any space but a good rule of thumb is to make sure that you have enough space in your yard to dedicate at least 14 square feet to your fire pit, which is the sizing we use for our standard package in order to offer clients an affordable option that still provides plenty of sitting space.

Remember that the majority of that space will be sitting and lounging area for your friends and family. In fact, the fire pit itself takes up about 6 square feet, offering ample area to create a relaxing and inviting space to sit back, relax, and enjoy your fire pit!

If you enjoy entertaining larger groups, our team may suggest building a larger fire pit pad to create additional space for seating arrangements that would fit your needs. A standard fire pit will be able to comfortably sit around 5 people, with our large fire pit package seating around 15.


Another point to consider when deciding if a fire pit is right for your is your lifestyle. We wholly believe that de-stressing is an important part of anyone’s day. From homemakers, to teenagers, to business owners, to trade professionals, there’s always room for a little bit of relaxation in the day. Because fire pits are able to draw people out from the indoors to spend some quality time in the fresh air, they are excellent resources of relaxation.

Consider whether or not you enjoy entertaining friends and family – chances are that many of they would love to spend some time by the fire pit roasting marshmallows, enjoying a chilled glass of wine or beer, and catching up to the tune of the crackling fire.

Both young and established families have worked with us to install a fire pit that would allow them to live a more laid back and outdoorsy lifestyle that doesn’t require them to pack up the entire family and travel for a weekend of camping.

In fact, fire pits serve as the perfect centerpiece to a backyard camping excursion that the entire family can enjoy.

Gas or Wood?

In the world of fire pits, a debate exists about whether gas or wood-burning fire pits are the way to go. In our opinion, both gas and wood fire pits are able to bring families together and create a beautiful ambiance that can be enjoyed all year in Western New York.

If your home has access to gas lines, it’s possible to connect your fire pit directly to a line to make using your fire pit as easy as flipping a switch. When using wood-burning fire pits, you will be required to spend some time setting up and lighting the wood in order to create the fire. For many, this process alone is reason enough to opt for a wood-burning fire pit since the art of starting a fire is nostalgic and enjoyable.

Gas fire places offer the luxury of an easy start-up and no ash or wood remnants to clean afterwards. Both types of fire pits are able to be built in modern, beautiful fire pits meant to last for years to come.  

Weather and Access to Gas

Because enjoying a fire pit requires you to be able to access the outdoors, your weather is another point to consider. Now, this doesn’t mean people in Florida or Seattle should cross fire pits off of their list because of the rain or heat. Instead, we mention weather as a point to consider when choosing between a gas or wood-burning fire pit.

In some areas, where rain is more prevalent, the use of wood-burning fire pits could require you to have a designated area where wood can remain covered and dry so that it can be used in your fire pit even directly after a storm. This is similar to the wood storage sheds used by people living in the north, who have to consider snow when storing their wood.

If you live in the south, it’s less likely that your home will have access to gas. In these cases, a wood burning unit may be an easy option for you, though portable propane tanks are available to create a gas fire pit without using natural lines.


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