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Finding the Right Fire Pit for your Yard

Installing a fire pit into your backyard should be looked at as a long-term decision since the pavers used by our WNY Fire Pits crew come with a lifetime warranty that ensures the longevity of your fire pits construction. Because of this, we want our customers to be as informed as possible in order to side-step any buyer’s regret, though we haven’t encountered any problems yet as people tend to fall in love with their new backyard showpiece immediately.

There are a few things you should consider before settling on a fire pit that you want installed in your backyard. At WNY Fire Pits, we’ve put together a few packages to make things easy for you – we’ll review those later in the blog.

Selecting the Right Fire Pit for Your Yard

Fire pits should match the style and aesthetic of your house in order to create a cohesive look, so homeowners should keep in mind that there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution to picking out a fire pit. However, the process of finding the right one for your yard isn’t a time consuming task.

Here’s what you need to consider:


The bigger the fire pit you want, the bigger your yard must be to accommodate for this. At the very least, homeowners should consider how much of their yard they want to commit to their fire pit, especially if they want a bigger fire pit inside of a smaller yard.

Fire pits are typically 36 inches in diameter, with an entertainment pad extending on all sides around the pit to accommodate your friends and family sitting around the pit itself, so there are multiple factors that go into the space that a fire pit will take up within your yard.

Size of pad

As we mentioned above, part of the space that your fire pit will take up consists of the pad itself, which will allow people to gather around the fire pit comfortably.

Our options include having no pad, an 8ft pad, or a 10ft pad, which allows homeowners to pick what works best for their budget and entertainment needs. For example, an 8ft pad can comfortably fit 2-3 people while the 10ft pad is able to seat around 15.

When picking the size of the fire pit pad you want to go with, you should also keep in mind that your fire pit does add value and curb appeal to your home if you are ever to sell it in the future. Fire pits are a feature that home buyers are actively interested in, and it can be a feature that sways them toward making an offer on your home. Having a fire pit with a large pad is a great selling factor that can attract people and increase the overall value of your home.


Finding a place to install your fire pit is also a detail that should be considered when picking the right fire pit for your yard. For example, some homeowners prefer to have their fire pit be front-and-center in their backyard. Others prefer to have their fire pit take up a corner of their yard to create a few degrees of separation between their free space and their family’s new favorite hangout spot.


What Type of Fire Pit Do You Want?

Though our wood burning fire pits are the most popular among our clients, we also offer natural gas or propane-insert fire pits that provide equal amounts of warmth and entertainment space as our wood burning pits.

Keep in mind that, if you’re in the city of Buffalo, open fires aren’t permitted. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the fire pit of your dreams, though! Instead of a wood burning fire pit, we install natural gas and propane insert fire pits to allow homeowners to enjoy their fire pits no matter the location of their home.

The Color Stone You Want Your Fire Pit to Have

One of the most fun parts of selecting the perfect fire pit for your yard is picking the colors you’d like it designed with. This is the time to really accent your aesthetic and the look you’re going for.

There are dozens of different stone colors that allow homeowners to go for a bohemian, sandy look or a refined fire pit using darker stones.

Though we offer preset fire pit packages, our clients are able to pick the colors and style of their fire pit to ensure that they receive a finished fire pit that they’ll enjoy for years and years to come.

What Style do you Want?

Not all fire pits are created equal – and that’s how we like it. In addition to being able to pick the color of the stone you want used on your fire pit, homeowners are also able to pick the style of their pit as well.

We offer square and round fire pits, each giving off a different “vibe” in your backyard.
Many families who enjoy traditional, craftsman looks prefer the round style of fire pit while those who like modern and clean, Californian aesthetics have tended to opt for square fire pits. Which one do you think fits your style best?

If you need help picking the right fire pit for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to make sure you have the perfect new addition to your yard so that you can begin entertaining friends and adding value to your home as soon as possible.

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