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Design Options for Your Fire Pit

Getting the right fire pit into your yard means you’ll have to do things like pick the size and location for it, but you also have plenty of fun design decisions to make. Our team at WNY Fire Pits is here to support you at every step, of course, but picking the specific aesthetic of your firepit is something best done with a glass of wine as you decide what you’d most love looking at as you relax by the fire.

We work with stone suppliers in the area to not only ensure the quality of our fire pits, but to also offer our clients a diverse range of options to fit every style. We’re far from the one-size-fits-all or big-box provider, so it’s our goal to make sure you have a fire pit that’s designed perfectly for you.

Design Options for Your Fire Pit

There are quite a few design options for you to select from when it comes to your fire pit. Though there are more minute details you can discuss with our team, here are the four main points of design you’ll choose from when designing your fire pit.

Gas vs Wood

The most basic design option is deciding between gas or wood-burning fire pit. In some parts of Western New York, such as near downtown Buffalo, gas fire pits must be adapted to use gas canisters instead of a gas line to follow city ordinances. Aside from these nuances, homeowners must decide if they’d be more comfortable with a gas or wood fire pit.

One point of consideration is whether or not you have a dry place to store wood during the rainy or winter months, in order to be able to use your fire pit in any season. Similarly, those who opt for a gas fire pit must acknowledge that they’ll likely need to have a few canisters on hand throughout the season.


Depending on the aesthetic that you’d like to go for, modern or traditional, you’ll be able to pick between a round or square fire pit to suit your taste.

Function-wise, there is no difference between these two shapes when it comes to using and enjoying your fire pit. However, this is a favorite point of design for our customers as they envision what look they’d most enjoy.


Our clients also enjoy selecting from the stone options that our providers supply, allowing them to go for a classic light-grey look, red stone, or sleek and dark design all based on their selection of stone.

All of our options for construction come with a lifetime guarantee that allows you to feel comfortable that, no matter the stone that you select, you will not have to worry about whether one option being more porous than the other will cost you most in the long run.


If you’ve elected for a gas-burning fire pit, you have an additional choice to make! Gas fire pits come with an in-laid fill of decorative stone, giving it the modern and luxurious vibe that many homeowners on the west coast seem to prefer.
These stones come in almost any color imaginable, with jet black and clear stones being the most popular for our clients.

However, some people love taking this opportunity to get creative and mix-and-match. As you can see in the image below, some have selected to create rings of color to add an additional dimension of design and style to their fire pit.

So, which design do you think you’ll be going for?

Be sure to contact our team to set you up with a free consultation to discuss if a fire pit is right for your space.

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