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How Often Do People Really Use Their Fire Pits?

Maybe you’ve purchased an in-home treadmill or picked up the latest and greatest kitchen gadget that cost you a little more than you’d like to admit. Or maybe you currently don’t spend tons of time in your backyard.

These are the scenarios that come up again and again when people ask themselves: “Will I really use a fire pit if I get one?”

At WNY Fire Pits, we’ve heard it all. From people who don’t know how to build their own fire, to people who have historically avoided additions to their home (like that home gym), everyone wonders just how worthwhile having a fire pit is. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover how often fire pits get used and how long it takes for your investment to be worthwhile.

When Do People Use Their Fire Pits?

A common question our team handles is about when people typically use their fire pits. Though there’s really no right or wrong answer here, we find that most people will start using their fire pit in the afternoon to evening time. This is usually when outdoor gatherings, like barbeques, happen or when people come back from work and are looking to relax.

The best part about fire pits is that they can really be used year round. That means, even in Buffalo, you can enjoy a cozy night by the fire even if it just snowed the day before!

For more information about how fire pits can work in any season, check out this blog.

People Use Their Fire Pit More Than You May Think

Unlike some other home additions, people actually tend to continue using their fire pits throughout the years.

The majority of people enjoy having a way to cut back on stress and disconnect from the screens we’re so frequently hooked up to. And getting kids to step away from their screens can be even more of a monumental task. That’s why fire pits are different.

Because fire pits encourage people to setting in a comfy chair and catch up with each other over the crackling flames, they’re a part of the home that get revisited frequently. In addition to our team members, many of our clients use their fire pit at least once a week to kick back and relax.

Are Fire Pits Worth the Investment?

Though our fire pit packages are competitively priced, many people wonder if having a fire pit installed is worth the investment.

If you think about the time you’ll be able to spend alone, with your partner, with friends, and with your family, fire pits provide you with a valuable resource for relaxation. If you use your fire pit just once a week, that’s an additional day that you’ve spent time outdoors than you perhaps would have.

However, many homeowners like knowing that their fire pit is actively adding more value to their properties. These days, many homebuyers are looking for unique traits in the property they’ll want to live in, and fire pits are a great way to attract young families who enjoy spending quality time outdoors.

So, on top of giving you the opportunity to spend more quality time outside, you’ll be able to rest assured that your investment will add more value to your home when it comes time to sell or rent.

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