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What’s the Best Time of Year to Get A Fire Pit?

If you’re looking outside your window and dreaming about summer – you’re not alone.

Here in Western New York, we’re slowly easing into spring as April snowstorms turn into rainy days. Pretty soon, though, summer will be here and Buffalo will once again fill with outdoor activity. And that includes hanging around a fire pit with friends and family.

So, what’s the best time to get a fire pit?

Fire Pit Installations and Weather (When’s the Right Time?)

Luckily for us, Buffalo is known to have pretty stable weather throughout the seasons. This means we’re less likely to experience tons of sudden storms in the summer, which makes it an ideal season to get your fire pit installed.

Summer is Just around the Corner: Enjoy Your Fire Pit This Season

When the WNY Fire Pits team is on the move to get a fire pit installed, the only things that would prevent us from working are sub-zero temperatures and storms, which cause the ground to become too soft.

The ideal time to get your fire pit installed, however, is during the summer when outdoor working conditions are good and the ground in your backyard isn’t oversaturated with melted snow or rain. Making sure that you have your consultation booked in advance can help you get an early installation window and enjoy your fire pit all season long.

Getting a Fire Pit Installed in the Fall

Another great time of the year to get a fire pit installed is during the fall months. During this time of the year, Western New York tends to have gorgeous weather that’s perfect for installing and enjoying your fire pit.

Much like summer, installing a fire pit in the fall is a great option for homeowners who were perhaps traveling during summer but still want to enjoy their fire pit. THankfully, fire pits are a home addition that can be enjoyed year round, so a fall installation doesn’t limit you to a short few months of enjoyment.

Fall is also a great season to install your fire pit because many fire pit installation crews have better availability to accommodate your schedule due to few people seeking installations. In fact, it’s a common misconception that fire pits should only be installed during the warm months of the year.

Is a Winter or Spring Installation Impossible?

Not at all!

Some homeowners decide to add a fire pit to their home during the winter months to finally bring some outdoor time  back into their daily lives thanks to the comfort and heat of the fire pit.

For others, the timing just works out better to have an installation scheduled during the winter and spring months.

No matter the circumstance, the crew at WNY Fire Pits is here to help and to turn your backyard into an even more inviting space.

For us, as long as we’re able to gain access to the backyard and have stable ground to work with, and the weather conditions are safe to work in, we’ll be able to install your very own fire pit!

If you’d like more information about how you can get a fire pit installed in your backyard, don’t wait! You can contact us today by calling 716-322-3000 and getting your free consultation scheduled.

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