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The Most Popular Outdoor Fire Pits in Western New York

Every day, the team at WNY Fire Pits works with customers to make sure they have a fire pit that they and their family can enjoy through many years to come. Because we work so closely with clients during this design process, we’ve picked up on a few trends that seem to point to what our Western New York customers love the most.

The Most Popular Outdoor Fire Pits in Western New York

In today’s blog, we’re covering the most popular fire pits in Western New York and what key design features are so beloved, and why you should consider these as well.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

The most popular type of outdoor fire pit in the WNY area has to be a wood burning fire pit. While the size and shape of the fire pit might change, the people of Western New York love the look and smell of wood burning. It’s like camping in your own backyard!


A traditional wood burning outdoor fire pit is perfect for entertaining friends in the summer. They’re also great for gathering the entire family during cool fall nights. There’s nothing like memories of making smores.


Although wood burning fire pits are the most popular choice, not everyone in WNY can use them. That make gas and propane fire pits the next most popular option (especially if you are in the city of Buffalo).

Propane Fire Pits

As the city of Buffalo has an ordinance against any “open fire,” which means those living within the Buffalo city limits cannot legally have a wood-burning fire pit.


This has made our gas fire pits, most specifically those with propane tanks instead of gas lines, the most popular option by far. These propane tanks, which allow your fire pit to be turned on and off with the flick of a switch, are not considered “open fires” by the city since they can be shut off so quickly and effectively.


Getting the propane tanks needed to run a gas-burning fire pit is also a convenient option for many homeowners, whether they live within city-limits or not. Because you can simply pick up new canisters at some home stores, propane-burning fire pits seem to be what many of our clients lean toward.

Larger Fire Pit Pad for Entertainment

Getting a fire pit installed in your backyard is an investment into your family, future, and into the value of your home. It’s for this reason that a great majority of the homeowners we work with elect to go with a larger fire pit pad size.

Currently, we offer basic packages that come with pad sizes ranging from 8 to 10 feet, with larger pad sizes being part of more customized installations.

The larger the pad size of your fire pit, the more people will be able to sit around it and enjoy the fire throughout the year. As many, both in the city and more rural areas of Western New York, like gathering with family around the holidays, we’ve found that homeowners in this area are more partial to fire pits that have enough paved space to seat everyone.

A Classic vs Round Fire Pit Design

Fire pits have traditionally come in two shapes: round and square. Each of these options is as good and aesthetically pleasing as the other, so this point of design really comes down to personal taste rather than a change in functionality.

However, square and round fire pits seem to give off different “vibes.” Square fire pits remind many people of ultra modern and luxurious styles found in California and other areas with high-end lifestyles. Round fire pits, on the other hand, seem to signify a traditional that many people identify with when they imagine themselves relaxing by the fire on a crisp fall afternoon.

In Western New York, many of our customers have opted for the more classic, round design of fire pits. Though, again, this design choice comes down to personal taste, many have gone with a round fire pit so that it better fits in with their vision of what a fire pit “should” be and that it better complements the Queen Anne, tudor, bungalow, and colonial-style homes that we typically see in Western New York.

To find out what option is best for you, schedule a free consultation with our team by calling 716-322-3000. We’d be happy to review design elements, placement, and size with you and your family.

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